Student Story


I agreed to serve on the National Campaign Committee because I’m a senior and I like to give my input as a student. The campus has change a lot since I have been here. It’s always good to have a student’s perspective.

I am most excited about the athletic projects because I’m involved with athletics. I’ve always wanted to have lights on the soccer field and we can play at night. The first think you see when you pull on to campus is the soccer field. Maybe one day we will have turf and lights. For me that would just be a boomer to come on to campus and say “I’m going to play soccer here because it has turf and lights.”

Scholarships have been very important to me. I come from a single parent background. My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. Her medicine is really expensive. After she pays for all of my other expenses, it puts the price of college out of reach. I really appreciate all the scholarships we get and all the people who give back to the university. I hope one day that I will be able to have enough money to give back to the university just as much as these donors have given. Thank you!

Oriana Clayton ’14

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