There are many ways to contribute to the Campaign for Methodist University. Naming opportunities are available for each project and pledges may be made over several years. For more information about the Campaign for Methodist University and how to give, please contact:


Dr. Ben E. Hancock, Jr.
[email protected] . 910.630.7005

Sandy Ammons
Vice President of Advancement and University Relations
[email protected] . 910.630.7200


The National Campaign Committee is made up of dedicated community volunteers, trustees, alumni, students, faculty and staff from across the United States. They each share a common goal – to support Methodist University now and create a legacy of excellence for future generations of students. The members of the NCC will be happy to talk with you about the Campaign for Methodist University and discuss opportunities for you to help.

National Campaign Committee

Dr. Mary Lynn Bryan, Chair*
Dr. Harvey T. Wright II ’70, Vice Chair*
Dr. Richard R. Allen, Sr., Honorary Co-Chair*
Dr. Ramon L. Yarborough, Honorary Co-Chair*
Dr. Ben E. Hancock, Jr., President*
Sandy Ammons, V.P. of Advancement & U. Relations*
D. Keith Allison*
Dr. Christopher T. Aul
David B. Baskett
Darrell D. Bock ’88
Dr. Lori Brookman
Peter M. Broome
A. Howard Bullard, Jr.*
Dr. Gene T. Clayton
Oriana M. Clayton ’14
Dr. Delmas S. Crisp, Jr.
Hon. Margaret H. Dickson
Stephen M. Driggers ’76
Dr. Loleta W. Foster
Rev. Dr. R. Carl Frazier, Jr.
Judith C. Harrison ’72
Dr. William C. Harrison ’74
Jeffrey W. Headman ’12
John M. ‘Mac’ Healy
Dr. George E. Hendricks
J. Danny Highsmith, Sr.*
Dr. Jeremy Hustwit
Terry Hutchens, Sr.*
Glenn R. Jernigan
Edward T. ‘Tuna’ Keil ’70
Earl D. Leake ’73
G. Raymond Leggett III
O. Ray Manning, Jr. ’73*
Ron B. Matthews
Edward B. McEnroe ’94
Robert T. McEvoy
Doris C. Jackson Munoz ’06
Taylor M. Murphy ’14
William O. Musgrave
Dr. W.C. Powers
Timothy S. Richardson
Dr. Kelli K. Sapp ’91
Dr. W. Dickson Schaefer
Zachary M. Sweet ’14
Terri S. Union
Hon. J. Lee Warren, Jr. ’75

*National Campaign Steering Committee

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